What is ExoVend?

ExoVend™ is more than a e-Commerce and merchant account. ExoVend is a complete, hosted, scalable, flexible, and powerful e-Commerce solution. More versatile than an off-the-shelf eCommerce product and less costly than a custom solution – once only available to e-Commerce giants, ExoVend packs the features brands and merchants demand.

Unlike every other e-Commerce platform, ExoVend’s patented design is built around collaboration. ExoVend’s unique revenue sharing capability, affiliate marketing and affinity association drives business to your website through multiple channels – all designed to reach more customers, grow your business and develop new opportunities.

ExoVend is certified to Level 3 of PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) compliance. ExoVend is CISP Compliance certified and included on Visa’s ‘List of Compliant Service Providers’. All of this insures that ExoVend complies with the rigorous requirements of ensuring data security and prevention of improper access to proprietary data.

Purpose Built e-Commerce

MWRC Internet Sales, founded in 2000, was formed solely to solve the channel conflict problem  experienced by Body Glove International. Channel conflict is a business dilemma common to nearly all online sellers whose products are also sold in retail stores, by a dedicated sales force or distribution partners. As consumers increasingly rely on the internet to research at the brand level, brands are presented the opportunity to capture a sale at the moment the consumer decides to buy. However, authorized retailers and other channel partners do not want brands to sell directly to consumers, as they view this as competition.

ExoVend, launched and patented in 2003, solves this problem by enabling brands to sell directly to consumers and compensate retailers for the sale without the retailer having to physically do anything. In the ExoVend model, when a consumer visits a brand’s website and is ready to make a purchase he or she is asked to enter their zip code. The ExoVend system then presents a list of local retailers and asks the consumer to select one. When the consumer makes the selection, the system associates the retailer to the transaction.

Using ExoVend, the brand determines all the rules of participation and compensation, makes the sale to the consumer and rewards the retailer with a percentage of the increased margin which it earns from the online sale at retail rather than wholesale.