The ExoVend patented solution uniquely resolves channel conflict enabling brands to grow online sales with the option to engage retail partners.

ExoVend bCommerce adds to the functions of Storefront and Merchant additional functionality like:
– Retailer revenue share program to compensate loyal dealers based on location
– Consumer choice or brand rules
– Flexible settings for each retailer
– Multiple retailers per order allowed
– Rep commission accounting
– Ship to retailer option
– Post sale retailer service commissions

Individual templates can include retailer specific branding to match retailer’s own website. Unique retailer URLs can open hundreds of portals to your brand’s products.



bCommerce – The Process

Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique pioneered the creation of modern diving equipment in 1943 when Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau teamed with Émile Gagnan to develop the first “aqua-lung” that made underwater exploration possible. Today, Aqua Lung American, Inc. continues to be a leading global designer and manufacturer of scuba dive equipment and water sports gear.

Aqua Lung uses the retailer selection and revenue sharing features of ExoVend bCommerce to support their distribution channel, and its retailer branding features to open hundreds of portals to their products.

  1. Aqua Lung uses the ExoVend template system to match its site branding and design.
  2. Aqua Lung uploads more than 500 retailers into ExoVend.
  3. When customers shop for Aqua Lung products, ExoVend displays participating retailers in their geographic area.
  4. By selecting a retailer, the customer links that retailer to the transaction and shares revenue with that retailer shares based on Aqua Lung’s participation agreement.
  5. Using the ExoVend template system, participating retailers can brand their Aqua Lung stores to match their own online stores. They can then direct customers to purchase Aqua Lung product direct from the brand and share in that revenue. This opens hundreds of direct channels to Aqua Lung products and rewards the brand’s loyal retailers.
  6. Aqua Lung also uses the ExoVend military quote and purchase system to enable military customers to shop for military spec product and then send quotes to authorized buyers to complete the transaction.