Brands and Merchants Rely on ExoVend

Since its launch in 2003 ExoVend has delivered innovative e-Commerce solutions for brands and their retail partners. Most ExoVend clients have complex vendor and retailer relationships that other e-Commerce solutions simply cannot support. ExoVend was specifically created with those relationships in mind. As a result ExoVend clients are able to leverage consumers’ preference to shop online securely and responsively.

ExoVend was conceived to resolve big brand channel friction. Multiple stakeholders with varied requirements of revenue and customer data sharing were involved in the creation of what became ExoVend. As a custom build solution ExoVend was closely held by its developers. Today ExoVend’s professional power e-Commerce platform is available on a subscription basis to a wider range of businesses.

Data and financial security are imperative for any business selling online. The payment card industry (PCI) uses merchant levels to determine risk and ascertain the appropriate level of security for their businesses. Specifically, merchant levels determine the amount of assessment and security validation that is required for the merchant to pass PCI DSS assessment.

ExoVend is PCI Level III compliant. What is PCI Level III? This security level is required for merchants processing 20,000 to 1,000,000 Visa or MasterCard e-Commerce transactions annually. Quarterly and annual assessments and network scans are required to maintain this compliance qualification.

ExoVend powers some of the best known brands in the Apparel, Action Sports, Dive, Home and Snow sports industries. Here is what a few of ExoVend’s clients have to say about the Exovend e-Commerce Operating System.

ExoVend Success Stories

ExoVend Client Feature – Elan Skis

“Elan skis are a unique combination of seventy years of tradition and cutting edge technology and innovation. Throughout skiing’s history Elan has stayed at the forefront of global trends. It is a known fact that Elan’s innovators were the first to come up with a prominent sidecut ski – what we now call a carving ski. After that major shift in ski technology, there came a host of unique technological solutions making Elan more than just a factory or a brand name. Elan is an important co-creator of skiing’s past, present and future, and the factory in Begunje, Slovenia is one of those hallowed places in skiing, spoken of in revered tones by skiers from all over the world.”

How has ExoVend helped Elan Skis?

“As online shopping continues to evolve and become of greater importance to consumers, ExoVend has provided an integrated solution that has afforded us the chance to meet those consumers demands. At the same time and in an environment when retailers can be very distrustful of brands that sell direct, ExoVend has allowed us to bridge that gap and ease the conversation with the brick and mortar operations who still make up the largest part of our business. In the end, going it alone in the marketplace these days is unlikely to succeed; it requires partners who are trusted and there to help when you need it. That’s why we chose ExoVend.”

– Jason Stadler, Product Manager, Elan Skis

ExoVend Client Feature – Ocean Technology Systems, Inc.

In 1984, OTS was formed to design the best underwater communication system available, and market the product throughout the world. Without financial backing, they both rolled up their sleeves, divided the work and got busy. Every penny earned went back into the company.

Today, OTS is a world renowned leader in the field of underwater communications. The product line covers everything from diver recall systems to state-of-the-art through-water transceivers. OTS equipment has become the benchmark for both Military and Search and Rescue & Recovery teams across the globe.

How has ExoVend helped Ocean Technology Systems?

“OTS relies on almost every feature of the ExoVend system for our e-commerce operations. We share online sales revenue with our dealers. We offer frequent discounts and promotions. We have an outlet store for reconditioned and one of a kind items. Our technicians can order parts via exclusive access online stores. Military and first responder customers can prepare online price quotes on their own so their buyers can place the actual orders in the tax free military and government store. Even people taking our technical training classes place their signups via the same system. I don’t know how ExoVend does it, but it all just works. They are introducing a new B2B system so our dealers can order product for sale in their stores. I’m sure we’ll use that too.”

– Ryan Lummus, Sales Representative
US Military/Public Safety/Commercial, Ocean Technology Systems, Inc.

ExoVend Client Feature – LEKI

Founded in 1948, LEKI is a leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Trail Running poles and gloves, and its latest addition of folding camp chairs and tables. LEKI products are German engineered with most of the products being made in the company’s Czech Republic factory. This, in conjunction with extensive research and independent testing, make the best products featuring quality, value and technology. LEKI USA, Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the sole distributor of LEKI brand products in the United States.

How has ExoVend helped LEKI?

“ExoVend brought us the right e-Commerce solution at the right time. The feature we were most attracted to is the ability to share sales revenue with our retail partners. This allows us to provide the direct buying process many consumers prefer and still support our valuable dealer base at the same time. ExoVend provides seemingly endless flexibility that lets us customize selling and sharing programs by customer group, product category and more. From setting up our brand and products all the way through to back-end reporting, ExoVend’s quick and friendly support has put our brand on the leading edge of today’s retail channel solutions.”

– Greg Wozer, Vice President, LEKI