Empowering Authentic Brand Advocates to Boost Online Sales

Now more than ever brands rely on e-commerce and digital marketing to connect with consumers. Creating a sense of connection between brands and their consumers can be challenging in the digital world.

ExoVend delivers the tool that easily connects e-commerce and high-touch relationship marketing and selling.  ExoVend enables your brand advocates to leverage their personal relationships with consumers to your brand, your product, your image in a uniquely personal way

Harness your advocate’s influence to sell direct to consumers today.

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You know them. They use and love your product. they are the enthusiasts who make up your community of advocates – also known as ambassadors.

Most importantly your advocates are a personal connection to your target audience. Advocates are trusted sources of information, technical know-how and fair product reviews. Advocates are reliable, honest, relatable and love your brand. Use ExoVend to motivate your advocates to accelerate your online sales.

With ExoVend brand can easily harness an advocate’s influence in. a new powerful digital selling tool. With ExoVend the digital connection has never been more strong.