The MWRC ExoVend® System is the complete e-Commerce solution for brand name manufacturers looking to increase profit margins and take advantage of growing online sales. e-commerce is the core business of ExoVend. ExoVend provides a unique, innovative, patented (U.S. Patent Number 7,496,525 issued 2-24-2009) Web-based e-Commerce solution that for the first time protects and enhances retailer networks by including the retailers and sales representatives in revenues from the online sales.

We offer more than a merchant account and a shopping cart. We offer a complete, unique, hosted, scalable, integrated, flexible, powerful, turnkey and functional e-Commerce solution. Through our easy to use system and scalable infrastructure, we deliver a fully functional e-Commerce system in weeks – compared to other e-Commerce providers who may take months or years. MWRC can have you up and selling in weeks with no significant investment.

By partnering with MWRC, brands can utilize the power and flexibility of our patented technology and methodology to increase online sales and profits. We eliminate the costly need of building, managing, maintaining and upgrading your e-commerce software and infrastructure. With MWRC you will be free from major costs including: a large IT staff, software licenses, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. The ExoVend@® System is a win/win e-Commerce solution for companies looking to lead the way for the future of e-Commerce in their industries.