If your brand has e-Commerce and retail sales plus loyal affiliates and ambassadors directing their contacts to your products at special discounts while earning a share of the sale bCommerce Plus is the solution for your business.

bCommerce plus includes all features of the other ExoVend subscription plans plus Affinity Marketing functions and Affiliate Sales functions. Restricted site access based on Affinity Marketing partner authentication and login with multiple discount levels available. Affiliate sales features including:
– Affiliate specific URL
– Multiple pricing levels
– Product segmentation and restricted access
– Enhanced revenue accounting by member source
– Authentication level
– Single use or multi-use codes and discount levels
– Perfect for building Product Ambassador programs and large affinity member discount programs.



bCommerce PLUS – The Process

LEKI’s products are developed and designed together in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany and Tachov, Czech Republic. Poles are manufactured following modern and environmentally friendly processes in LEKI’s own production facility in the Czech Republic.

With over 250 patents, LEKI Lenhart GmbH has introduced more innovations and filed more patents than any other manufacturer in the outdoors and ski industry.

Today, LEKI Lenhart GmbH is broadly recognized as the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems.

In addition to using the ExoVend ecommerce operating system to support their large US retail distribution channel, LEKI USA uses both the ExoVend Affinity Marketing and Affiliate Sales systems.

  1. Using a custom API, LEKI USA integrates its ExoVend managed product and retailer database into its website developed and managed in Germany.
  2. Customer orders are approved by the credit card processor and processed to LEKI USA’s ExoVend account in the US.
  3. Participating Retailers share in LEKI USA sales based on LEKI’s participation rules.
  4. LEKI USA uses the ExoVend Affinity Marketing features to offer discounts on certain products to members of Professional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA).
  5. LEKI USA also uses the ExoVend Affiliate Sales features to manage their Ambassador program by which Ski Area Instructors can offer special pricing to their referral customers and earn credits toward purchase of additional LEKI USA product.
  6. ExoVend provides individual accounting reports for LEKI USA on every Affinity Marketing program and for each Ambassador Affiliate, giving LEKI USA insight into the performance of each program.