ExoVend Storefront is ideal for new or challenger brands without a large retail presence. Use ExoVend Storefront to sell your own products directly to the public to build your market.

Storefront provides all the tools you need to:
– Create your store
– Manage your product catalog
– Set prices and policies
– Show multiple image views
– Offer promotions and discounts
– Securely transact sales
– Process orders
– Rreceive payment and collect
– Report sales taxes.



Storefront – The Process

Seaver Co., a 35 year-old distributor of sunglasses, selected ExoVend Storefront to test new a new line of products as well selling online. They chose the ExoVend platform for its reliability, simplicity and the ability to support the market as it grows. As they didn’t have a developed channel for the product the ExoVend Storefront product is the perfect place to start.

  1. The site is designed
  2. The ExoVend development functions are used to marry the site’s design into the ExoVend store.
  3. Product descriptions, categories, prices and weights are added.
  4. Product configurations and images are added.
  5. SEO data is input to make it easy for customers to find the product.
  6. With ExoVend Storefront customers find the right product, the order is placed and Seaver Co. ships direct to the customer.
  7. Secure payment is made directly to Seaver Co.s merchant account when the order is shipped.