Brands with strong retail and wholesale demand for online sales use ExoVend bCommerce UNLTD to manage both from the same database, sharing revenue with and managing wholesale sales to qualified retailers.

Includes all the features of direct to consumer sales outlined in the ExoVend products above, plus B2B wholesale sales from the same product database. Includes:
– New retailer authorization application
– Review and approve/decline/pend status –
– Restriction by product, category or brand –
– Authorization for credit card payment, COD, or open account
– Order form style presentation (style, size, color, unit, price, subtotal extension, etc.)
– Wholesale pricing
– Unit of measure
– Minimum/maximum quantities
– Multiple fulfillment sources possible for any order
– Separate shipping cost calculated by location
– Customer shipping account option
– Reporting by Rep, account, territory, etc.
– Use tax for non-resale wholesale price accounts, and much more.



bCommerce UNLTD – The Process

In 1953, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell co-founded Body Glove when they designed the first practical wetsuit. More than 60 years later Body Glove IP Holdings LP is one of very few family owned surf/dive brands in the world.

Body Glove licenses manufacturing and distribution to several companies in the US and around the world. The ExoVend e-Commerce Operating System was developed specifically to meet the complex needs of this one company. Body Glove used all features of the system, including the B2B wholesale sales component.

  1. New retailers who want to sell Body Glove products complete an online new retailer request form.
  2. Body Glove reviews the application and either approves, declines or requests more information.
  3. If approved, the retailer’s account is specifically authorized as open account, COD or credit card purchase.
  4. Upon approval the retailer can access the B2B wholesale price store.
  5. Products are displayed within categories and in a matrix order form by style and configuration.
  6. Currently available quantities of each item are displayed and the customer can enter the quantity desired in the order field.
  7. The customer sees product and shipping subtotals by warehouse location.
  8. Order details are submitted to Body Glove. If credit card payment is required, then payment is made directly to Body Glove otherwise the account payment is managed by Body Glove’s credit and A/R departments.