ExoVend Adds The Human Connection To Your Online Channel

It’s no secret that online sales have skyrocketed since 2019. Brands in all sectors have invested in their eCommerce channel. But are you at risk of losing the personal connection you enjoyed before eCommerce?

70% of consumers say it’s important for brands to provide them with personalized experiences. Is your brand prepared to deliver the experience consumers want?

Over 60% of consumers are likely to join an advocate community to actively create content for the brand. Is your brand ready for consumers to be a part of your advocate community?

With ExoVend You Pay Only For The Sales You Make. Not Clicks. Not Impressions. Sales.

Online marketing costs are high because conversion rates are low. Customer acquisition costs (CAC) vary by industry but virtually every business underestimates customer acquisition costs – resulting in unplanned margin erosion.

With ExoVend your customer acquisition cost is easy to know. It is the Advocate commission, you’ve determined, plus your ExoVend Subscription cost.

Advocate Marketing Costs With ExoVend Are 100% Related To Sales

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ExoVend Setup is Easy – We’ll Even Help Along the Way

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90+% of Consumers Trust Word-of-Mouth Over Advertising


Who Are Your Advocates?

There’s a core customer group that use and love your product. They are the enthusiasts who make up your advocate community.

Most importantly your advocates are a personal connection to your target audience. Advocates are trusted sources of information, technical know-how and fair product reviews. Advocates are reliable, honest, relatable and love your brand. Use ExoVend to motivate your advocates to accelerate your online sales.

With ExoVend brands easily harness an advocate’s influence in a  powerful eCommerce marketplace – exclusively for your brand and products.

Recruiting Advocates Is Easy

If you know who your advocates are – great! If not, we can show you how to connect.

Advocates come from a wide range individuals depending on your products or services. They may be power users, professionals or even employees.

Recruiting advocates is amazingly easy. Why? Your ExoVend storefronts offer individuals revenue rewards for doing what they already do – use your product and sharing their love of your brand with everyone!